Well-being of animals during transport

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When livestock is transported, one has to meet the legal requirements of the European Transport regulation and national legislative rules. These instructions are especially meant for transporters, farmers and collection centres.

The most important requirements include:

  • well-being of animals during transport
  • means of transport
  • loading and unloading
  • duration of transport
  • load factor
  • Compulsory documents

The regulation text and guidelines can be found on the web site www.europa.eu.

The regulation applies to transportation of living vertebrates within the European Union (EU) for as far as it connects to an economic activity.  The goal is to make sure the animals won’t suffer or get damaged unnecessarily, and that during transport, animal’s needs are met.

Peer System corresponds to the legislative rules. The animal friendly way of catching, loading, transportation and unloading facilitates provisions on all aspects to organise your transport according to the guidelines of the EU.