Chickens are still often caught manually. This process is labor-intensive and the physical load to employees is considerable; the chickens are stressed and are unnecessarily damaged during the catching process.

By catching the chickens using a catching machine and placing them in a Peer System shuttle immediately, the chickens are collected in an animal-friendly manner, right way up and next to each other in the shuttle.

The Peer System catching machine consists of three rotating drums that turn in opposite directions. The drums are equipped with long flexible rubber ‘fingers’. Once the chicken has been caught using the rotating drums, they are placed on the shuttle platform via a conveyor belt.

The catching machine has a large working range. The telescopic mechanism can be used to empty a 20 meter wide poultry house.

The catching machine is operated using a radio frequency-driven remote control. The operator can easily move the machine in all directions. The machine has hydraulically driven components, making it very robust and with a high level of operational reliability.