Peer System

Peer System B.V. was created based on a specific demand. Gebroeders Van Eijk Transport and H. Van Tilburg int. Koeltransport were invited in 1996 to organize transportation of poultry for a Dutch company in the east of Germany. To achieve this, they first established MTE Transport GmbH and, in 2002, Peer System B.V., producer of the specific catching and transportation system for meat-producing breeds.

After years of testing, using and improving the system in our own company, the system was sold to a Czech company in 2011. The experiences were immediately positive and a market demand for the supply of new systems was born.


With less manpower and less physical exertion by your staff, 9,000 chickens are loaded per hour.


With two shuttles, a catching machine and three employees, the trailer is fully loaded in one hour.


Improving the quality of the final product; less loss due to damage and minimum space per bird.


Due to climate control during transportation, hot or cold days and delays during the journey do not pose an additional risk.