A trailer was designed especially for Peer System. It gives space to ten separate load platforms placed above each other.transport oplegger

This way, chickens don't have to be picked up during loading as well as during catching. They stay and sit peacefully next to each other and aren't able to hurt themselves.

During driving, the chickens stay calm and keep each other balanced: Even an unexpected emergency brake is not harmful for the animals, thanks to the unique way of loading.


The trailer is equipped with a mechanical ventilation system. Transport on very hot or cold days is no longer a problem. Even in case of a delay or stop of the truck, the ventilation system continues to  operate because of  its electrically powered aggregate inside the truck.

An especially for this goal customized GPS system connected to the internet is built into the Peer System trucks. The system is equipped with thermometers and a temperature alert. Through the internet, system data can be examined remotely. In case of an emergency or irregularity, an alert via SMS or e-mail is sent automatically to the driver or a different telephone number which is to be assigned by the customer. Overheating or undercooling of chickens during transport is history once and for all.transport systeem


A Peer System truck can move up to 18,000 kg of poultry at a time, but because of the absence of crates and containers, the all up weight of the truck stays under 40,000 kg and thus under the legally permitted maximum.

Technical data

Additional technical information is available in our product leaflets. Interested? Questions? Please feel free to contact us.




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