New order Peer System for Rabbit Trhový Štěpánov a.s.

Czech company Rabbit Trhový Štěpánov a.s. placed a new order with Peer System to supply a complete Peer System at their slaughterhouse in Brno.

The great experiences with putting into use their first Peer System in Trhový Štěpánov made them decide to also modernise their slaughterhouse in Brno.

With the ChickenCat catching machine, Peer System shuttles, Peer System trailers and accompanying unload- and cleaning machines, modernisation is also at hand for Rabbit in
Brno. Peer System in Brno will be taken into use in May 2011.

Peer System contracts Drubezarsky Závod Klatovy

Czech company Drubezarsky Závod Klatovy a.s. placed an order for Peer System to be implemented in Klatovy slaughterhouse. The slaughterhouse will use the machinery that was formerly used in Hainspitz.

The supply will include ChickenCat catching machines, Peer System shuttles, trailers, trucks with unloading machine and a cleaning machine.

In August 2011 slaughterhouse Klatovy will be using the complete Peer System.

MTE terminates cooperation with Sprehe group Hainspitz

In December 2010 MTE Transport GmbH has ended a cooperation of 6 years with slaughterhouse Astenhof in Hainspitz. The transporter will end activities for Sprehe group in June 2011.

In 1994, Dutch company Astenhof took over a poultry slaughterhouse in Hainspitz, Germany. Nowadays the slaughterhouse is owned by German Sprehe group. At the start of cooperation in Hainspitz, Astenhof asked Van Eijk and Van Tilburg, both active in the transport sector, to commonly organise transportation of poultry towards slaughterhouses. In this period, MTE Transport was established. For this specific order, daughter Peer System B.V. developed the unique catch and transportation system "Peer System".

After 6 years of daily use of the Peer System in practice, similar companies showed interest in it. MTE decided to quit transportation activities in Hainspitz in June 2011 and to engage in system supply for third parties.




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