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Peer System:
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for collecting, transporting and unloading poultry.

kipQuality and food safety are of significant importance for farmers, breeders and slaughterhouses. Therefore they operate according to strict standards and with great care for the animals. The latter  also matters to the conscious consumer we find nowadays: Poultry meat mustn't only be of the best quality, but also the circumstances in which the animals find hemselves while alive, have to be as good as possible.

Catching poultry is in many cases still done by hand, which makes it an intensive, heavy task for employees and creates very stressful situations for the animals. They panic and easily get damaged.

Peer System investigated problems arising in both catching and transportation of poultry, as well as unloading at the slaughterhouse, and thought of a way to improve this procedure.This extended research led to one solution:

Peer System.




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